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The Aconbury

The Aconbury Centre is our Key Stage 3 centre, supporting Intervention (temporary) placements for pupils in Years 7-9 as well as offering a small number of permanent places for pupils who cannot access mainstream schooling.

Staff at the Centre work together as a team to ensure our pupils develop renewed confidence in their abilities and start to believe they can achieve and make good progress while they are with us - cademically, in their behaviour and in their attitude towards learning and getting along with others, as well as feeling part of a school community.

Some of you may be looking at the site to find out what happens at the Centre, perhaps because your child’s school has suggested a short intervention with us, or maybe your child has received a permanent exclusion from their school. You may also be looking as a student of the Centre, both past and present, to find out what has been going on recently. Whatever your reason for coming to this site, I hope you will find the information both useful, interesting and entertaining.

We aim to keep the information on this website up to date with details of school activities and projects, photographs of events, examples of student work, our newsletters, as well as policies and term dates.