(what do we intend pupils to learn in this subject; what do we want them to be able to do?)

In the Department we offer the pupils a broad curriculum in art as well as design. The Curriculum is designed to meet the needs of both intervention and permanent pupils. They learn about the work of artists and designers. Students experiment with wide range of media with the intention to prepare them for creative GCSE courses such as Art and Design, Textiles, Graphics or Photography.  We have strong links with Hereford Art College where pupils showcase their work and visit the college courses to expose them to routes into higher education.

(how is it delivered)

The Curriculum is student led and we plan according to the pace and strengths of each pupil.  We aim for the pupils to work from enjoyment of the subject. The most challenging activities such as drawing is broken down and simplified which helps the pupils to achieve quick results. Year 7, 8 and 9 learn how to put a sketchbook together with the intention of developing a final piece inspired by each of the following topics:  

AUTUMN (Half term 1) Project: All About Me
AUTUMN (Half term 2) Project: Journeys 

SPRING (Half term 3) Project: Detectives
SPRING (Half term 4) Project: Herefordshire

SUMMER (Half term 5) Project: People and Places
SUMMER (Half term 6) project: The Environment

Students produce topic pages and partake in short workshops to help them gain confidence in a wide range of mixed media. For example, students study the work of anonymous street artist Banksy for the ‘Detectives’ project. They acquire skills in stencil art and contextual meanings behind the artwork. Pupils investigate how the artists work links with the topic.

The ‘All About Me’ project helps to enthuse the young person and find a love for art through the use of mixed media. The pupils find their favourite artist relevant to the theme. For example, they may choose a painter or a sculpture and present the artists in their sketchbooks. They create artist copies or miniature models complimented with written research. Through photography and finding their own images they explore themes of identity and create their own visual response. This project helps them to explore their favourite way of working either creating large-scale painting, a textile piece or sculpture. In January we take part in the Expo exhibition at The Hereford College of Arts along with other local schools.

The Art and Design Curriculum is complemented with trips relevant to the topics for example the students will visit the Malvern Hills for the Herefordshire Project. They will also visit the Mappa Mundi exhibition when studying journeys and maps. At the Aconbury Centre currently we Partake in workshops with Meadow Arts and take part in a public exhibition.

Qualifications / Accreditations offered

The Aconbury Centre are currently working towards delivering the Arts Awards to our pupils. Once our young people leave us, they will have a portfolio of work and an Arts Awards qualification to take to their next school. This may be at a mainstream school or at our KS4 centre at St. David’s.

(what do we intend pupils to learn in this subject; what do we want them to be able to do?)

At St David’s Centre (HPRS?) we design our Art curriculum with pupils’ learning at the centre.  We recognise that a curriculum must be broad, balanced and offer pupils opportunities to grow as individuals as well as learners.

Through a combination of learning techniques, we aim to promote enjoyment and engagement. We offer our pupils new and exciting experiences, and risk taking activities, that are designed to build resilience, confidence and self-esteem.

(how is it delivered)

Art is offered to all learners at Key Stage 4.

The GCSE allows students to choose a theme of interest and pursue this theme investigating artists, a variety of art mediums, and using their creative ideas to plan, design and create final pieces of art work.

Art is also untaken through ASDAN where we explore art primarily through the Expressive Arts Module.

We aim to make the most of each student’s creative talents, ensuring that all individuals succeed, whether it's tie dyeing a t-shirt or creating a GCSE final piece of artwork.

Qualifications / Accreditations offered

The school offers GCSE Art and Design, or Art through ASDAN


  • Exploring differences and similarities between people, places and cultures
  • Building confidence and self-esteem, and promoting enjoyment and engagement at school for all students
  • Development of critical, creative and analytical thinking skills to include problem solving and risk taking and increased self-confidence
  • Combining Art with Maths, English, PSHE and IT to break down barriers between subjects and learning
  • Developing visual literacy and communication skills, and imagination and personal expression