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At HPRS, we strive for excellent attendance from our pupils. Quite simply, if a child is not in school regularly enough, they risk not making the progress they should. However, we do understand that sometimes absence is unavoidable.

If your child is going to be absent for any reason, please contact our admin team at the relevant centre to let us know – preferably by 9am. This can be via text, email or phone call. Please note that we do operate a first day absence 'chase up' procedure if parents do not notify us of absences. If a pupil does not arrive at school at the expected time, you will receive a text message, followed by a phone call. We expect to be updated daily about future absences, unless agreed otherwise.


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As far as possible, if your child has to have a medical or dental appointment in school time please do your best to make it after the end of the school day.

If it needs to be within the school day, we would expect pupils to be absent ONLY for the time of the appointment and to attend school before and/or after, whenever this is feasible.

The best option, though, is for appointments to take place after school or in the holidays - of which there are 13 weeks.

Please ensure you notify the respective Centre in advance of any booked appointment that will affect a pupil’s time in school.


Regulations state the school "may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances". It’s up to the respective Head of Centre how many days your child can be away from school if leave is granted. You will need to make any request in writing (letter or email) and the Head of Centre will then consider your application and respond in due course.

Please note that there is no entitlement to take holidays during term time. In fact, there are specific financial penalties in place for this.

Full details of our expectations and procedures around attendance can be found in our policy below:


It is essential we have up-to-date and operational means of contact for parents/carers of our pupils. Should any of your circumstances change (e.g. phone number, address) please inform the admin team at the relevant centre straightaway.