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H3 (Hub, Home, Hospital)Teaching Team

H3 is a short stay Hospital and Outreach Education service.  We are commissioned by Herefordshire Council to provide education for pupils from year 1 to 11 who are unable to attend school due to their diagnosed complex medical and/or mental health condition.   All pupils MUST have a referral completed by a consultant paediatrician or CAMHs consultant.  (We are unable to accept referrals from parents).

Pupils come to us as a short-term measure having missed education due to their medical condition.  Working with the young person’s school and medical professional, we aim to motivate, inspire, and empower young people to be able to return to school after a period of absence due to ill health.

We provide education face to face and/or online depending upon a young person’s ability to engage in education.  Working with medical advice we put in place a programme of study that is manageable for the young person.  When they are well enough to attend school, we work with the school on a reintegration plan to support a smooth transition back to mainstream school.

Our pupils are with us for vastly different reasons.  We believe in each and every one of them and strive to ensure they can return to their school, friends and everyday life as soon as possible.