(what do we intend pupils to learn in this subject; what do we want them to be able to do?)

We believe that our pupils should have the opportunity to follow an IT curriculum that prepares them for life in a world where technology is evolving and is often an essential part of working life. Being IT literate will enable pupils to have access to many opportunities in further education and the world of work. Good quality IT skills will enable pupils to engage positively within the work place.

(how is it delivered)

Pupils will be taught ICT in two, 40 minute lessons per week. The qualification is portfolio based with no exam at the end.

Qualifications / Accreditations offered

BTEC IT Users Level 1 Award/Certificate

The BTEC Level 1 IT Users Qualification teaches pupils to use software that they will often be asked to use in the workplace.

Assignments have been written with life skills in mind. For example, the Spreadsheet Software unit focuses on household budgeting which will help pupils to understand what bills need to be paid and how much money it can cost to run their own home. IT User Fundamentals includes lessons about E safety which helps pupils to stay safe online